You may have met Tammy. She’s the young woman that’s often at the shows with a dog or two of mine, sans me. In the past several years her son Matthew has been entering the show ring too. He helps show his grandmother’s Japanese Chins. He also has been pestering Tammy to let him show a Lhasa Apso. In February Tammy asked if she could borrow Thateus and Wyatt, take them to a fun match and let Matthew show one. Hey, why not a regular show! Good experience for all the youngsters involved!

In April Tammy, hands full ringside and in the ring, with three youngsters – two canines and one human – gave it a whirl.

Matthew and Thateus lookin’ good!

Here’s Tammy showing one of Andrea’s TTs (Tibetan Terrier)…

Note the body language I’ve mentioned before. Tammy’s body below the waist is moving forward. Her shoulders and head are tilted toward the dog.

Here’s Edd Biven judging TTs that day. Andrea is in front of Tammy…

Edd Biven is considered a expert judge of many breeds, including Lhasa Apsos and Tibetan Terriers. He is certainly on my top five list!

I am grateful for Tammy and her help. The arrangement came about one night over margaritas at a club meeting. It was not too long after Tammy moved back to the Denver area. Judy, her mom, mentioned Tammy didn’t have any dogs to show. “Well,” I replied. “I’ve got dogs to show!”

I prefer to exhibit a couple five weekends a year, focusing on specialty weekends. Dr. Meisel wrote in the article Vickie just sentThe conformation sport itself will differentiate even more into the “haves” who will continue to chase the ratings, the serious fanciers who will show at local shows and save their money and vacation time for two or three major cluster shows and specialties a year, and the casual exhibitors who come to a few shows a year with the family. Serious fanciers will look for judges who are solid.

The arrangement with Tammy works great for me, as a serious fancier. She shows the FFT dogs under my care at the local shows. I attend the specialty weekends. Sometimes we combine the two! We’ll be driving together to the Minnesota specialties near the end of August.

One Comment on “:Tammy…”

  1. Kathy says:

    Way to go, Matthew! I love watching you and your Mom work the ring!

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