:Fuel Costs and the Changing Culture of Dog Shows

Vickie sent this excellent article….


One Comment on “:Fuel Costs and the Changing Culture of Dog Shows”

  1. pauline says:


    I never in my wildest dreams thought $4.00 a gallon would have any good come out of it for those of us who are INTO our dogs and have never been able to figure out WHY some judges haven;’t the good sense to put up the most deserving dog and not the “string” holder and IF this gasoline situation slows down those of us who have to “pick and chose” more carefully AMEN!!!!!!!

    I hope AKC finally sits up and takes notice of what we have been seeing in the ring for at least the last ten years.And revoke licenses of those judges who don’t judge the dog!!!

    When a person sees dogs of quality consistently winning it will bring back those who are now wondering if it was at all worth it!!!!

    BUT—-I still want gasoline to get back down to where even those of us who only show a little can get there and show our dogs.

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