:Tote bag on a Wednesday morning

Okay. Okay. So, I’m trying something slightly different this morning. I want to sit here and write. But I can’t. I’ve got to get to work. I’ve got lots of dogs on my books. I’ve got a private yoga class with Athena at 5:30. I don’t want to be late. Yet, the words are waiting, ready to spill out. If I write about last Saturday’s Rescue (and FFT) reunion, I’ll be late. I just know it! There’s a beautiful sequence of Christi greeting blind Magoo. I didn’t consciously realize I’d taken those photos, but there they were. I’ve photos of Moonie and Pete’s litterbrother, Scout.

Words! Stay back! Stay right there. I will let you out another day! I must get to work. I must get to work. I must feed the dogs. I must take the trash up to the top of the drive. Stay back words! I must get to work.

Instead of letting the words out, I’ve chosen to share two things. These things utilize the senders’ words rather than opening the door to my words…which often lead me down the path of Too Late For My Own Good.

Kathy recently purchased a tote bag and sent this photo along with her thanks…

 Vickie & Debby,
The bag is great!  I will take it to knitting group tomorrow.  People 
always stop to visit and I can share about the program/website.


Last weekend, Susan’s Raji made an emergency trip to the vet. The short story (stay back words!) is Raji is no longer allowed her favorite treats, which leaves Susan with the following dilemma:

The dogs have learned to look forward very eagerly to their “chewies”
after they’ve had breakfast and gone out to pee and poop.  Now the
doctor says Raji can’t have them, and I have no idea how to give them to
three dogs but not to her.  I can think of two possible scenarios: 
close her into my bedroom and give the other three their chewies? 
and/or find something else that will keep them all somewhat satisfied
but that doesn’t risk her throat.   Any ideas?  Poor Rinchen is sitting
in front of the bureau where the chewies are kept chuffing at me very
disapprovingly…..I just don’t know how to explain unfairnesses to
them…..Katy Widger says she gives her kids raw chicken necks in the
mornings….which sounds like a good idea, except I don’t altogether
love the idea of chicken drippings all over the rugs and floor…..I’ve
been giving them an extra hand-fed batch of kibble to make up for the
calories, but those get gobbled down and just don’t satisfy their urge
to chew and chew and chew….

Let’s put our collective head together and come up with some suggestions for Susan. The immediate thing that comes to my mind is marrow bones for all. 3″ long marrow bones. All my dogs get marrow bones, although the poor show dogs’ bones are pre-chomped-on in order to save beard hair. Beauty must suffer, as my grandmother told me during those perm sessions! Both Eli and Yangsom chew on raw marrow bones in the house. No drippings! I don’t think you’ll get chicken drippings from raw chicken necks either. Cooked bones – No! No! – possibly so, but not raw bones. At least, that’s my experience.

3 Comments on “:Tote bag on a Wednesday morning”

  1. Susan says:

    Whoa, thanks for this posting, Debbie, and I will look forward to hearing any ideas. I cut a turkey neck into four pieces for them this morning, and that was a disaster….messy and too big and just generally yucky to the max. I’ve got 7 more of them in the freezer, so they will either become dog soup or I will see if the food processor can deal with them…..Today I will see if I can find a source of marrow bones….


  2. Susan, I give Roadie fresh Marrow bones that I get from the meat department at the Acme. When I go away for a day, that keeps him occupied until I return. He cleans out the inside marrow until it is just a bone with a big hole in The middle (smile). No mess.


  3. Susan says:

    Okay, I’ve heard the term “marrow bone” over and over. I am guessing that that is any bone which is big enough to be marrow-producing? When I asked for bones yesterday at my local/favorite grocery, I got four 4″ bones that look a whole lot bigger than my kids will be able to get their mouths around, but I will offer them to them later today. And they are cheap — dang $1.89 for all four???? If they love those, that’s gonna be a bargain. Although I didn’t pay that much for them, I saw the Jumbo Flossies at the feed store the other day for $4.99 each….yowsers…


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