:More doggy bath time ideas…from Kathy

I liked Katy’s bathtub for the dogs and thought I would try making 
mine even simpler.  With 3 dogs, wash day can literally be a pain in 
the back!  So I tried a plastic lawn chair in the tub/shower with a 
no skid rubber bath mat on the seat.  Petey, Tess and Sophie did 
super!  They stood or sat for me and were on my level, permitting me 
to sit in a chair or stand.  I still got just as wet as they did from 
their enthusiastic shaking but we are all scrubbie-dub clean!


3 Comments on “:More doggy bath time ideas…from Kathy”

  1. katy says:

    Now, why didn’t we think of this!! Much easier than our plastic box set up! We made it harder than it had to be! (Isn’t that a line from an Eagles song?) I may just scrap our bathbox and go to the plastic chair method myself.
    Thanks, Kathy!

  2. A great addition to the bath-day supplies is a microfiber towel. They soak up way more water than a regular bath towel and are almost completely dry by the time I get a coated dog dried off. Great for humans on camping trips as well. They can be found on Amazon … http://tinyurl.com/52xzqh. If purchasing the red, I would suggest washing it in cold with like colors for a few washings. “Setting the color” with a handful of salt was also helpful.

  3. Katy says:

    Just finished giving the Apsos a bath using the Kathy R. Plastic Chair Method! I heartily endorse it! What elegant simplicity! I bow WOW!)to superior intelligence!
    By all means, all you home Apso bathers, use this method. Everyone has those plastic chairs out on the porch. I put Zeke in one chair and sat facing him in another in our oversized shower. Sadie was next and did just fine. What Good Dogs!
    And no back ache when finished.
    We also bought a PVC pipe and set our grooming table up on “stilts” as also shown in the Apso Blog, so this afternoon’s summer haircut session should be far less stress on my back, as well.
    Thanks, Good Apso People!

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