:Fernado’s day with Kaylee

Julie just called from some airport on her way to a judging assignment in Toledo. Kaylee is showing Fernando this weekend, in North Dakota, at the Fargo-Moorehead Kennel Club shows. He won Best of Breed today! And a Group 2!

Here’s some photos of Fernando as a puppy…

4 Comments on “:Fernado’s day with Kaylee”

  1. Dante says, “WTG brother!! And keep yer paws off Paris!”

  2. Shirley Clark says:

    No fears about Fernando keeping his paws off Paris. She was a Splat on the Mat on Friday since I had to stay on Shadow. She acted like she had never been in a show or on a leash in her whole life. Since I rather expected it, I wasn’t too surprised. Would have been nice if she hadn’t embarrassed me and Marsha SO MUCH. I am sure Fernando took one look and decided she was very much beneath him (both literally and figuratively ha ha). I showed her Sunday and she was once again our Texas Girl, even without the red carpet. I do enjoy showing her myself, and obviously she has eyes for nobody but me. Little wench!!

  3. lhasalhady says:

    Okay…here I go…heisting something from the internet! Congrats to Shirley for finishing a well-served AKC Champion! Shadow is a beautiful representative of the breed, very typey and flies around the ring. Clips from Shirley’s report on the entire weekend…

    Paris has a brag about her family. Dad, Can. Ch. Palasa’s Knight Shadow, is now Am/Can. Ch. Palasa’s Knight Shadow. He went WD/BW for a 5 point major, followed by WD/BW/BB for a 4 point major in Fargo. That finished him. Mom, Can. Ch. Desiderata Milehaus Deja Vu (known to her very close friends as Zsa Zsa) went BOS on the 2nd day for a 4 point major. …..So needless to say, it was a fun weekend, and Shirley got to buy dinner. Many thanks to the juniors who helped at ringside, as well as in the ring, and Sierra’s mom Missy, along with Marsha, and her best friend Char.

    And extra thanks to Kaylee T. for her wonderful help in the grooming section before our group competition, and for making sure the guys looked great for their photo ops. The wine was great, as was the friendship….

    And of course big Congratulations on Fernando’s two BB wins and his Group 2nd. (BIS, BISS Am.Ch. FFT Fernando). He looked awesome. Way to go Kaylee. Julie, we didn’t corrupt her, honest. 😉


  4. Shirley Clark says:

    Debby–thanks so much for the kind words. It was a wonderful weekend, only made so by the support and good sportsmanship experienced. And I meant what I said about Fernando. He is such a beautiful specimen of the breed, positively exuding breed type. I was very disappointed not to see him taking a piece of the group on Sunday. I still think he is way nicer than a Shar Pei, which, after winning the group Friday and Saturday, got shut out totally on Sunday. What can I say, it’s a dog show.

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