:Wednesday morning..

This morning I woke up to lightening quietly illuminating the sky. Carol loves lightening and thunderstorms. She sits in front of her large bedroom window, which offers a much larger view of the sky than any window in my house, and takes it all in. It reminds her of the storms back in Iowa. I used to like lightening storms, but not anymore. So many fires are caused by lightening strikes. It is a natural part of the ecosystem in a coniferous forest, which is, of course were I live.

It rained a little. The air is fresh and crisp. The ground hasn’t yet taken on that look of spring, but it’s getting there. Finally!

Sorting, sifting, still..I came upon this photo of my dad in a letter he’d sent. If you look closely in the upper left hand corner, you will see Frosty Morning in Nebraska. In the lower left hand corner, there’s a small amount of blue which was the window trim around the bay window in the kitchen. Like Carol enjoying Nature’s view out her window, many hours were – and still are – wiled away in front of that bay window. Frosty Morning in Nebraska was done looking out that window.


Coming up, this summer, on my 55th birthday, I got a chukle out of the back of the photo..


My dad died the following year after a five year battle with cancer. The kitchen (and the entire farmhouse) has been redone by my sister Lori and her husband Ron. Rick built the new kitchen cabinets. The bay window remains. Here’s me and Kelly wiling away more hours in front of that same window.


2 Comments on “:Wednesday morning..”

  1. Kelly says:

    Ahhh the bay window! You are so right about that window. That was the best thing mom and dad did with the farm house! Many people have enjoyed getting lost threw that window. I was just staring out of it today:)

    Also Deb if you notice the back of the chair where dad is sitting. Remember that cloth birthday thing mom made? She seemed to always have it on the birthday chair first thing in the morning for the birthday person. Wonder what happen to it, I believe she made it herself.

  2. lhasalhady says:

    I’m glad you mentioned that! I had noticed it earlier, but forgot all about it when I wrote that post. I don’t specifically remember coming across it when we went through the house…but then as Lori mentioned in another comment…there was a lot of…stuff! If Lori doesn’t have it, I’ve got a good guess at what happened to it. 🙂

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