:Old times…

Sifting…still…through memorabilia, photos and ephemera. While I’m enjoying my class, it really has taken up a lot of my time. Stacy, our instructor, said it would, so I was forewarned. I am determined to stay on top of assignments and complete the course!

My mentor was Mr. Ferguson. He was one of the last Dog Men, managed a successful Pug kennel in my hometown. That kennel was located at 13 Valley View Heights. I thought that was the coolest address! It sat on top of a hill on the then-outskirts of town. He, himself, bred German Shorthair Pointers. Click on the following to read the entire article…



Yesterday, Rick and I spent the afternoon with Chris and Herman. She’s doing great! For some time she’s been meaning to share the following clipped from a magazine. I love this kennel!

To see the above photos in a larger format…



3 Comments on “:Old times…”

  1. Kelly says:

    Well you triggered my brain when I saw Ferguson along with the awesome picture of the dog room. My favorite part of that dog room is the cages!! Than I realized HEY, Ferguson’s gave mom their wooden cage banks. Do you remember that? I don’t recall them having the side bars but the doors are similar!! I think there were six small cages, they were placed on top of humm four bigger cages. All of which are not seperate they are banks. I remember going along to pick them up, they were extremely heavy!!! I bet in their day they were beautiful just like the ones in that picture. I need to check and see if they got thrown out yet.

  2. lhasalhady says:

    Ah! So you have given the best example of what the Library of Memories course is about…at its very foundation! Triggering the brain. Making connections. I’m really enjoying it and can’t wait to get past organizing everything so it flows in and out of the LOM System, along with flowing in and out of our brains. One of the cool things about all of this – connections, triggers, the blog – is that it gives an understanding of where ‘we came from’. I like that you remember and share too!

    Yep. I remember the wooden cages. I didn’t remember they came from Mr. Ferguson. Last weekend I came upon some letters dad wrote to me. I scanned them and saved them here. The page will be slow loading as I haven’t yet reduced the file size. In the last letter, he asks me about my kennel plans and tells me not to use wood.

    If that awesome dog room didn’t have wooden crates, the ambience just wouldn’t be the same, do you think? How could one tweak that to make for easy cleaning, yet still look cool? Ideas?

  3. Kelly says:

    I had to chuckle when I was reading dad’s letter to you about the window. That window is rather famous in our family:)
    It was awesome to see the article on the Huse house. I don’t think you knew I was friends with Beth Huse, she was the daughter to Jerry Huse. When her grandmother died she left the house to Beth. I was so excited when Beth told me!! She looked at me and said, “Kelly, it’s a piece of junk, heck the elevator doesn’t even work”. Told me the money that she would put into it just wouldn’t be worth it:( It was than I realized she has a cold spot in her heart. A little side note, the house she grew up in had drinking fountains here and there placed in the walls down a few hallways.
    Ok remember when I was dating Rob Mitchell. He’s mother had told me more than once, someday she was going to live on that hill. Well a year or so after the the house was torn down guess who built a house there. Yep Mitchell’s, a huge sort of modern looking thing. I have never understood why an older couple would build a HUGE house when their kids are gone etc.. Anyway they bought all the land too so no one would build by them.

    About the cages, no way would that room look that cool without them!! I’m sure you noticed the white inside them. Looks like some kind of metal coating. Sort of reminds me of the material that they spray in the truck beds. Wonder if something like that would work. Notice too on the top of the big cage, there is a table top built in. I’m sure they all have it.

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