:Update–WYOMING Rabies Laws & International Sled Dog Racing Association


Kris L. Christine

Founder, Co-Trustee

The Rabies Challenge Fund


   Once again, you are helping to bring about great changes for dogs with your active participation on rabies laws — THANK YOU!!!
Regards, Kris
Wyoming update:     The e-mail below, shared with permission from the recipient, from the President of the Cheyenne City Council, Don Pierson, was received 4/29/08 by the lead activist in Wyoming, Karon Volk:

“Hello Mrs. Volk     Just a followup to let you know that the Mayor and I are working together and have instructed the city attorney to prepare  an ordinance or a resolution to take care of the 1 year vs 3 year problem.   All the research I have found says that to require our city residents to get the vaccination for their pets every year is unnecessary.   I will let you know when it will be ready for introduction and would hope that you would like to attend our meetings and testify about the situation.   Let me know if there is anything else I can do at this time about this situation.  Thanks for all your info you provided and your concern.”
ISDRA-International Sled Dog Racing Association:   After Steve Goldman, a concerned ISDRA member, contacted the International Sled Dog Racing Association about ISDRA sanctioned races requiring annual rabies vaccinations for sled dogs and asked for assistance, I wrote the letter to the Executive Director Below.  Mr. Steele responded immediately and will be publishing announcements in 2 issues of Dog and Driver before the proposal comes before the full ISDRA Board.


What You Can Do

If you are concerned about racing events that require sled dogs to receive redundant annual rabies boosters, please e-mail Dave Steele at dsteele@brainerd.net

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