:Darby’s post on the apsolist…

Hi all,

I hope I’m not intruding too much on the jubilation that is going on right
now at FFT. However, that being said, I will!

I just received a phone call from the FFT gang. Apparently I’m missing a
celebration. Ch. FFT Fernando went Best in Show today. I don’t know where, as
I couldn’t get to the phone in time to ask any questions. I can tell you
from experience, I believe him to be an exceptional representation of the
breed. I would like to offer my congratulations for a BIS well deserved. It is
very nice to, once again, see our absolutely fabulous breed win a Best in

Cheers to the winners,

One Comment on “:Darby’s post on the apsolist…”

  1. Toshimi says:

    Thank you for the link for agility
    We are traveling to Moab and Montana.
    We can check the email but, can’t send the email

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