:A first

A first. Today I’ve done something for the first time. Admitedly, once before I attempted a dual sired litter. But that was done by Dr. Hess, at her clinic…and were AIs, not natural breedings. Kham ma was ‘back-up’ because of Katu’s age and sperm production. Conception did happen, but the puppies were resorbed. Technically I’ve never produced a dual sired litter.

Chandra – Vajra and Arsha’s sister – lives with her dam Garma at my friend Bobbie’s house. Panchen is Chandra’s sire. Chandra is a beautiful Apso. I’ll get photos while she’s here. I had been going back and forth, back and forth about which dog would mate with her. You know the situation, compounded by the probability that this will be Chandra’s only litter. Do I use Keeper? Or do I use a Gompa male?

Initially, weighing all the factors, including past success – or lack thereof – I decided the sire would be Keeper. During the Chandra handoff, after explaining my decision, Bobbie pointed out the obvious. Try another dual sired litter. Last night Chandra mated with Keeper. This morning she mated with Kham ma. DNA profiling will sort out the puppies.

Bobbie did mention the word slut, with the dearest of meaning.

The pedigree/s.

6 Comments on “:A first”

  1. Kathy says:

    Debby, are the Gompa Lhasa Apso totebags still available? This is just a thought, but you could really help the environment as well as raise money for the Gompa Preservation Program by offering the bags in a wider area of distribution: Go Green! Go Gompa!

  2. lhasalhady says:

    Go Green! Go Gompa! Great idea! And there are totebags available. Vickie and I, as Program Directors, are scheduled for a two night pow wow the middle of May. The focus within the Program for the past couple years has been on getting puppies ‘on the ground’ – in dog man’s lingo – and jumping through all the hoops required for 501(c)3 status.

    With one of those goals accomplished, and the other seemingly underway it’s time to move forward. Fund raising is on the agenda. Hummm…what would a wider area of distribution look like???

  3. Hello Debby, I would be interested in a Tote bag, since Roadie has chewed up 2 of my Mary Kay bags, one of my Birki sandals and papercups.(smile) How much will they be??? Also I am having an eating problem with Roadie, he leaves the raw diet so I am now back to California Natural dry and can. Any suggestions? What brand are you feeding now? I took a role of film again of Roadie, he will be 4 in june. I will send them to you? Otherwise he is doing fine, barks at everyone who passes my frontdoor when he is laying in the vestibule.



  4. Bags can be purchased quickly and simply online via the Gompa Lhasa Apso website …



  5. Susan says:

    So, Champ/Panchen is very excited that he is gonna be a grampa (again?). He sez he wants us to have a grandbaby girl here before too very long….that maybe 4 isn’t too many at all…..and other such dog drivel. I’m gonna have to muzzle him if he doesn’t stop whispering such heresies in my ear.


  6. Hmmm a dual sired litter. There was a time (and probably still with many) when that would not be news you would share. Some would register the litter from the male they thought ‘most likely’, or not registered at all. But it is a tantalizing concept–double breeding. If sperm from both males take, you get an idea of variations in the offspring due to the different sires. And if there should be a large litter with good reprsentation from each sire, what knowledge to be gained with just the one pregnancy. I must say it does intrigue me. I do wonder, though, even with DNA testing to sort out the kids, what our governing canine orgs might say/do with a breeder that clearly repeated this dilemma. After all, accidents happen, and the DNA is a great tool for ascertaining the “guilty” party, but to purposely double breed a bitch with the hope of getting offspring from both might be a concept the CKC and/or AKC have trouble accepting.

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