:Rose Day

What a great day it was! Kathy arrived first…in her front wheel drive car. Indeed, she deserves the title Trailblazing Kathy. It snowed twice the day before. Not a total of 8″ like Minnesota, but enough to pose a problem for the faint of heart…or those without four-wheel drive. Spring snows up here are deceiving, tricky, extremely slippery. Trailblazing Kathy didn’t let any of that keep her away. Promptly at 10AM, she was at the top of my driveway. Ginny and Rose arrived shortly thereafter.

After coffee, pastries and Snickerdoodles, we trekked out to the kennel, where I had lit lots and lots of incense.

After greeting the dogs and letting Tango have one last romp around his soon-to-be-former-stomping-grounds, back to the house we went.  Tango and Rose got acquainted.

And we celebrated with…what else…more food. And wine.

Not just any ol’ wine. Big Ass Chard.

And Our Daily Red.

Katy called during the festivities. What a nice surprise!

Here’s a couple of photos, taken by Kathy, of the Gompa puppies..

This is a pinwheel Kathy gave me last year for St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t think she knows it spins and spins on an outside post in one of the dog yards. Since she stayed in the house, setting the table for lunch and doing some last minute preparations, I took this photo for her.

See more photos…

Rose Picks Up Tango
The Gompa puppies

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