:Fridays with friends


Last Friday was Sewing Day. Today, Friday, it’s Rose Day. Ginny picked Rose up at the airport last night. Later this morning they’re coming up to my house. Tango will be flying back to New York to live with his brother Willis, Rose, Rose’s parents…in no particular combination. The last time Rose was in Colorado, she flew in to pick out – and pick up – Willis. A quick trip. A day trip. A day trip from NYC. This trip she’s staying three days rather than three hours.


 Kathy is going to join us. And I’ve decided to let go of a clean house. The Dust Bunnies will simply have to join us for lunch. I need to learn to let go of having the kennel perfect too. As I told Rose, this is the worse time of year to see the kennel. The dog yards are ice, unless there’s fresh snow, which happened twice yesterday. Keeper loves to strut his stuff, kicking up dirt, playing Macho Macho Man. This has created two runs that look more like lap lanes when the snow is melting off the overhang above the outdoor runs. The gravel needs replacing every spring, which can’t happen until the snow melts. The exhaust fan runs periodically throughout the day, but it still smells like a kennel. I prefer to run it 24/7, which is not feasible this time of year. It’s 19 degrees right now. The heater is running, not the exhaust fan.

Ah, for the lazy (in my dreams…yesterday Rick asked me if possibly I try to do too many things!!) days of summer. Bright blue skys. Sun shining. Dogs outside, soaking in the day. The dogs and the kennel are even a bit impressive in that scenario. There’s a picnic table nearby. A great place for sharing food, drink, talk and friendship. Sip the wine. Watch the dogs interact. Many hours have been spent in that delightful activity.

Today we’ll settle for a quick trip to the kennel. Unless everyone brings snowboots and Yak Tracs, there will be no viewing from outside the dog yards. The snow is still DEEP. Forget that 8″ of snow in MN yesterday Julie. I win!! Rather than watching the dogs from the picnic table, we’ll watch the puppies in the kitchen. Not a bad alternative, really.

Last week, arriving at Ginny’s with sewing machine under arm, Kim joked that my machine had to be much newer than Ginny’s. Not so! Like Ginny and me, our machines are similar in age. We’ve had them since we were teenagers. You do the math. I’m not! Not sure either we or the machines qualify as antiques…possibly! But, hey! All of us still worked pretty darn good. Right, Ginny? It was great fun sharing something ‘new’ with a long-time friend. Take a good look at the photo below. What would you expect to find in the sewing area of an Apso Aficionado? A dog dryer. Dogs under foot. Of course!


Still life by Debby…


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