:Melissa sent photos…from Roman and Josie’s practice day

..from Roman and Josie’s practice day, along with this note:

Thought you might like to see these pictures I took last Saturday.  Mary and I have been getting together on the weekend when we can to train the kids.
We have a trial this weekend and I’m hoping to get a video of each of them and more pictures.
For those of you following the family tree, Roman is a Seth son. Josie is a Connor daughter. Seth’s sire is Connor, so Josie is Aunt Josie to Roman.
Roman on the mini teeter…
Such good form… 
Mary running Josie..
See more photos.

One Comment on “:Melissa sent photos…from Roman and Josie’s practice day”

  1. I think Melissa could have zoomed in on the dogs a little more! Her Josie is super fast and Suds is such a happy guy and learning fast. It’s fun to have a Lhasa person in agility who understands the Lhasa personality and way of thinking. The CPE event is a big show and always a fun venue. Mary

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