:Tibet is detached by Douglas Gilbert

My cherished Lhasa Apso
my culture’s watchdog,
you are dead by Chinese
poison dog food
imported, trade imposed
stirring the air
with political pollutions

spearing Tibet
to teãr a tear
from fallen monks
shot in cultural genocide

Compassionate ones,
we are the only true
clique for justice

A gamble on diplomacy
is failing
like a kidney
on Chinese heparin

A dialysis is
to bet Tibet
in a card game
with Artists of War
and propaganda
an atheistic clique
with bullets

For the tourists’ amusement
let them people
the autonomous puppet government
with the buffoonery of their claque

But let us be
the only true clique
left alone
for our prayers
and daily walk

Why would the world
be a lap dog
—- Douglas Gilbert


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