:Slight…okay, okay! BIG Brag!

 From Vickie:

Congrats on having the top two Apsos in the nation as of the end of February!!

Standing Previous Name Points Owner
1 CH Fft Kisses Of Fire 41 V Kuhlmann/J Timbers/D Rothman
2 1 CH Fft Fernando 37 J Timbers/K Timbers/D Rothman
3 3 CH Hylan Shotru Riverview Our Dream 35 P Naumann/P Keen-Fernandes
4 11 CH Showa Fantastic With Pantulf 34 E Jones/L Smith
5 2 CH Tatli Su’s Kick It Up A Notch 33 E Chidley/S Holland

One Comment on “:Slight…okay, okay! BIG Brag!”

  1. lhasalhady says:

    I just realized – and can’t seem to resize – the stats charts. What’s left off is the owners of these dogs. Kisses of Fire is Vickie’s Dante. Fernando is…obviously Fernando. Although I co-own both these dogs, I am not the breeder of these dogs. I did sit with Julie at her kitchen table and plot and plan about using their sire, Abba. My bloodline is behind – way behind – Tequila, their dam.

    Several years ago, in a motel room in Rapid City, Julie presented me with the Group One ribbon Carolyn Herbel had awarded C’est La Vie that day. That ribbon remains on my fireplace mantle. Then, she told me she wanted FFT as the kennel name on the Abba x Tequila litter, with me as co-owner of the puppies. I was moved to tears and got an extremely rare hug from Julie. Neither of us are really the huggy kind…her even less than me. It was one of those moments I’ll always remember.

    How exciting that two of the three show dogs are now #1 and #2 Lhasa Apso in the USA. And the third? Well, she’s All Said And Done!

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