:More quilts…

Quilts. I’ve continued to immerse myself the Elm Creek Quilters series, finding escape, comfort, delightfull stories and…inspiration. Kathy sent the following:

Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous quilt blocks and I am happy you have 
put them on the blog.  They are so You!  In color and dance and 

There is a beautiful book called:  Quilts from Heaven:  Finding 
Parables in the Patchwork of Life by Lucinda Secrest McDowell.  It 
gave my spirit wings when I had to undergo my first stereotactic 
mammography.  And I return to the comfort of this book, just like 
cozying under a handmade quilt.

When you visited my home, I am not sure I pointed out the quilt 
chests.  They are Amish made, oak cases, with curved glass to keep 
quilts on display and free from dust/etc.  I have my grandmother’s 
crazy quilt–she was born in 1864 during the Civil War–and an aunt’s 
star quilt.  Joe comes from a family of quilters.  And during my 
first year of teaching, I became friends with a fellow teacher who 
was Mennonite and kept a quilt going on her frames all year round.

We should make a trip to the Mennonite Quilt Festival in southern 
CO!  It is held each fall… 



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