:From rags to riches..or Saul Gets Lucky!

One month a three day sweep, including Best Bred-By Exhibitor in the Non-Sporting Group, to become a Champion.


The next month Saul Gets Lucky! That’s what I tell my dogs when they’re leaving for their forever home. Sauley Man, today you Get Lucky! Obviously, his new owners felt the same. Here’s a note I received Tuesday night from Charlene:
I am so excited!  I feel like a child at Christmas, and this is Christmas Eve.  

Here’s Saul with his new owners, David and Charlene on Wednesday afternoon… 


Charlene wrote this last night:

We have had a wonderful day.  Saul has been tethered to one of us all day.  We took him on 2 walks.  He loved it!  I was afraid to give him much in the way of table food, but I did give him a little bacon, a little bit of sausage.   I was worried it would up set his tummy. He is really so sweet, and I am sure we have very many fun days ahead.  I am sure that Dave will want to e-mail you with his take on the day.  We are going all ot what we have read and it seems to doing well.

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