:Saul wins the Bred-By-Exhibitor Non-Sporting Group

It seemed as is Saturday would never end. By the end of the day, most bailed from a long-planned dinner at an Italian restaurant. The results of Saturday’s show were entirely different than Friday’s show..which is very often the case. Another day. Another dollar. Another dog show.

Saul was awarded WD for a 3-point major and Best-Bred-By-Exhibitor Lhasa Apso. The same procedure I described yesterday for Best Puppy applies when an all-breed club offers Best Bred-By competition. Saul and I managed to pull off winning the Non-Sporting group.

It was a nice win. It was fun. Then the wait began. The show dragged on and on. And on. Our dinner reservations were at 6PM. At 6:40 Saul and I finally entered the ring to compete for Best-Bred-By-Exhibitor in show. He performed with enthusiasm, far more enthusiasm than I had!

Carol and I stopped at the Italian restaurant, sure we’d find everyone else fed and gone. Not so. We shared a nice meal with Tammy, Matthew, Mark and Ginny. It was a pleasant, relaxing way to wind down from the day.

Ruby walked around the ring again today. Her tail was up. Yippee!! She won her class. Yippee!! Yippee!! Christi was thrilled.

I’m off again this morning for an 8AM – did you read that?! 8AM!!! ring time. This is unheard of with Lhasa Apsos. The short haired breeds, especially the bulldoggy breeds start at 8AM. Not coated breeds. I left my grooming stuff at the show site to force myself to groom there, but I’m stopping by my grooming shop on the way. Edie is getting a bath.

It’s 3:55 in the morning. I think I’m nuts to show dogs.

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