:Dante wins the Specialty!

Vickie adeptly piloted Dante – Ch. FFT Kisses of Fire – to Best of Breed at the Lhasa Apso Club of Central Colorado’s Specialty show yesterday. Way to go Vickie! And Dante!

Before I continue to report yesterday’s wins, I want to share a victory that won’t be recorded in annals. Ruby walked around the ring with her tail up! Without planting her feet or bucking like a rodeo horse! Score! Christi had her done about for the ring to near perfection. Keep up the good work ladies.

Saul, my Bred-By-Exhibitor (BBE) dog looked awesome, for the first time since his puppyhood. But, he showed ringside spectators that even an ol’ pro like me can be humbled. Halfway through his individual gaiting pattern, he stopped to poop. “Let him finish” the judge directed, from across the ring. Thanks to Linda for the assist! With her help, it was almost like it didn’t happen. Ya. Right. 🙂 He placed 2nd out of 4. The dog that placed ahead of him finished his Championship title, so perhaps we’ll have better luck today. Maybe he’ll have breakfast after he shows…

Ginny’s Ethan and Chloe both showed nicely, from the glimpses I caught. Chloe placed 2nd in a nice class of 12 – 18 month bitches. As sometimes happens – right, Vickie! – Ethan happens to be the only male his age being shown. Since he’s been old enough to be exhibited, he’s always competed alone. Meanwhile, the bitch classes in the same age group have been larger than usual.

My Sadie boys – Wyatt and Thateus – were entered in both Sweepstakes and the regular classes. Tammy handled Wyatt. I showed Thateus. Born August 7, this was their first dog shows. Wyatt was awarded Best Puppy in Sweepstakes. In the regular classes, Thateus was awarded Best Puppy and RWD (Reserve Winners Dog) to a 4-point major. Way to go puppies!

This particular specialty is called a designated Specialty (as opposed to an independent Specialty). What that means is the Specialty judging occurs within the context of an all-breed dog show. Plum Creek Kennel Club holds further competition for puppies one day. The next day of their show there’s further competition for dogs awarded Best-Bred-By.

Because of this, Thateus competed against all the other Best of Breed puppies in the Non-Sporting Group. Cheered on by Shirley, Bud, Ginny, Christ and Vickie, he was awarded 2nd in the group!

Carpe Diem! I saved my own personal best for last. That nice 12 – 18 month puppy bitch class I mentioned above…well, Edie won it, both in Sweepstakes and the regular classes. She went on to win Best in Sweepstakes under Tibetan Terrier breeder Andrea Reiman. In the regular classes she was awarded Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex for her second major, another specialty major, another specialty Best of Winners.

Waiting for the judge to mark his book, Dante and Edie the only Apsos left standing in the ring, it occurred to me they’re Tequila kids. The judge found a half-brother and half-sister as his choice for Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex. Best Male. Best Female. Am I ever glad Julie let me breed Ian to Tequila! I didn’t have a compatible female here in Colorado for him, so she allowed Tequila to have one last litter. And that Best Puppy? He’s a Tequila grandson.

Before I close, feed the dogs breakfast, groom Saul and Edie for today’s show (Wyatt and Thateus were entered only for yesterday’s judging) and head down the hill at 8:30, I want to acknowledge Tammy. And thank her for all she does. There’s no way I could have shown 5 dogs yesterday! (And I’m glad we’re not showing 5 dogs today!) Tammy helps with everything; from training, to grooming, to exhibiting, to packing up, to hauling. She does a great job presenting the dogs in the ring. She’s been giving private handling lessons to Ginny and Christi. She’s great!

Off for another day of fun, seeing friends from far and near.

One Comment on “:Dante wins the Specialty!”

  1. Christi says:

    I was in awe of Debby, watching her show her Lhasa’s. I had my hands full with one small Ruby, I just can’t imagine bringing 5 dogs to the show and pulling off so many wins. It was a thrill being part of the weekend and spending time with so many wonderful people. I’d have to say my highlight was watching Ruby walk like a little pro for Tammy with our months of training finally paying off.

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