:Sondra asks..

What is the music on this site—I LOVE it!!!!


Oliver Shanti and Friends

You’re not the only one that has asked! The sound byte you hear in the background is from the above album. Legend of a White Stupa is the piece. I love the entire album and have had requests to add more music, longer pieces to the website. To add this particular clip took me several weeks. Doing this might be easier now, but at the time Nate helped me convert the small sound byte into the proper format. The entire piece of music was too big a file. The music isn’t being fed through the blog; the blog is being fed through the FFT website where I’m able to include background music.

I don’t know enough about blog technology…it’s a bit different and certainly more dynamic than traditional websites. It’s possible I’ll be able to do more with the music as I climb my way up the learning curve.

4 Comments on “:Sondra asks..”

  1. Hello Debby, I see I am not the only one that loves this album. It calms me when I go into your website each morning. I am still trying to find the album but to no avail. Maybe you will learn how to put it on a CD in the near future (smile).
    Roadie is doing fine, his ear has cleared up. I had him groomed, no camera yet to send you a picture. I think the next time I am going to tell the groomer not to clip his under belly and rear to close, I think it makes him itch.

    He is getting devilish. I don’t know if it is the raw meat or not (smile) I don’t like the Primal, I now have him back on Nature’s Varitity. with Primal he would take his nose and push the bowl all the way across the floor and leave it.

    He took my box of Kleenex which I had on the floor by my bed while I was asleep and he tore up all the Kleenex plus the box. I had a carpet of torn up Kleenex on the floor when I awoke. All of his toys, he tears them apart to get to the inside of them, leaves the stuffing on the floor.

  2. Vickie says:

    Tibetiya is a *very* hard CD to find. MP3 downloads are avaiable if one does a quick Google search, however. A treat for the group, the entire song “Emano” from this CD … click on the link and then click on the left side of the player (where the blue triangle is). You’ll need to copy the link to paste in your browser and then close out of the Blog. Otherwise you’ll have two songs playing. Enjoy!


  3. lhasalhady says:

    Yep, Alma maybe I will get that figured out! 🙂 I’ll venture forward some time after the upcoming shows next weekend. It will take some learning and my sound card is messed up, so it may take some new hardware, including a DVD writer. My computer doesn’t always recognize there’s something in the DVD slot. So, it’s a combination of factors…

    And, I’m going to learn how to upload music from my library to some place that will allow it to audiostream through the website. Now don’t ask me what all that means! All I know is Jason told me it can be done. It’s very helpful to have young, techy people in my life! And a big streak of stubborn within. I know I can learn. I know I can learn. I know I can learn!

    When I bought Tibetiya I don’t remember it being really difficult to find, but I do think it came from Europe somewhere. I simply googled it and there it was. But that’s been a few years ago and possibly all the copies sold.

  4. Thanbk Debby, I have another slight problem (smile_ I am no longer hearing clearly out of my good ear. Had ear test last week, everything was about the same. This week everything is like a foghorn with static in the background. He now has me on steroid pills and back in two weeks.

    Also Rochelle’s husband is getting a Akita puppy, well I guess that is it for Roadie juat in caae anything would happen, akita would probably not set to well, unless they introduce him as a puppy.

    I told Rochelle that she and David would have big poops to clean up. With Roadie now that is on a raw diet, I can hardly find the poop (smile)

    Also I am not that computer savy also. I tried to follow Vicky’s direction as far as downloading no luck.


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