: Kathy on..sharing about first apsos.

 Debby–you are the keeper of our stories, myths, dreams and songs. 
Could everyone share about their first lhasa apso…how and why did 
they fall in love with the little guardian from the Himalayas?
Give Nagpo a hug for me!


6 Comments on “: Kathy on..sharing about first apsos.”

  1. lhasalhady says:

    My long-winded answer to this question can be found in the About Us section of the website on the Debby Rothman page.

    But, Kathy’s question reminds me of a question I’ve been meaning to ask Susan. How did you first ‘discover’ the Gompa dogs?

  2. Susan says:

    Ah, it’s all Gigi’s fault !!!! Four years ago I made a quick trip to get re-acquainted with Gigi. I was visiting in New York City; Gigi was still living in Concord, Mass. So, I took the train from NY to Boston and spent a nigh. Gigi had had Dom Chung for about a year and a half at that point, and I fell in love with him on the spot. During that short visit, we took Dom and went to meet Ruth Gerath who had acquired her Gabe after meeting Gigi and Dom in a pet store in town. One afternoon of watching Dom and Gabe romping in a meadow in Massachusetts and I was hooked. I took the train back to NY, flew back to CA, and got in touch with Ceese in Charlottesville. By the end of the month Rinchen was MINE. Richen was 6 months when I got him. He had cherry eye in both eyes and a severe underbite (which worried my vet much more than the cherry eye which she fixed surgically almost immediately), but I just adored him….still do. Six months later, I decided that one Gompa was enough for me but another Gompa would probably be good for Rinchen. So I got back in touch with Ceese and soon Sammy joined us. Sammy had attitude right from the beginning. When I went to the airport to pick him up I knew he was there because I could hear him barking in the next room: let me out of this darned BOX !!!!
    Raji came to us a bit differently. She’s actually Rinchen’s mom, and apparently was sent to California at about the same time Sammy came to me. I got an email from Ruth telling me that Rinchen’s mom was living in the same town with us and….so I called her. Well that was really serendipitous. Although Raji’s new mom is a great woman and now a friend of mine, Raji’s life with her wasn’t the right life for Raji. After years of living in the country, and somewhere severely traumatized by a man, Raji was just not happy going to an office every day, being put in and out of the car, and being exposed to men who simply sent her round the bend. When she came to my house to play with Rinchen and Sammy she was in heaven. So, eventually, one day when she had been staying over night she just made it clear that she didn’t want to leave and her mom and I agreed that she really would be best served by staying with me. And so, for about two years now there were the three of us. And now four….

    I am having some difficulties with Sammy (as Debbie can attest, as she has received several panicky emails from me) and am afraid that my to-date laissez faire attitude towards the house full of dogs is coming back to bite me. Yesterday I took Sammy to the vet to get some tests done to rule out any problems with his thyroid, etc. Today I will start working him — walking him — to see if I can help him with whatever his “issues” are.

    I cannot imagine having this many dogs, though, if they weren’t ALL Gompas.


  3. Susan says:

    P.S. You can look at a whole gallery of Gompa pix here: http://tinyurl.com/324h5c

    The oldest ones are at the end, and there are pictures of Gigi’s Dom and Vajra included from when they visited us at Christmas.

  4. Vickie says:

    I purchased my first Apso in 1986 as a reward for quitting a 15-year smoking habit. I was also placing my bets that running after a new puppy would keep my mind off the addiction ingrained in my very being (I still have dreams about smoking every now and again, some 22 years later). In retrospect, I’ve only traded one habit for another. One healthy, one not … and equally expensive!

    Thinking back, it was Valentine’s weekend when I first brought her home. Had someone looked in those liquid eyes of hers and foretold the path we were to travel, I’d have said they were crazy.

    The shows this next weekend will hold special meaning for us. While “B” (short for Brittany) is no longer with us, it was the need to honor her memory that became the catalyst to give something back to the breed. I can only hope I’ve given back as much as she gave to me.

  5. Gail says:

    This is for Kathy’s post about first Lhasas…..This Lhasa, Tessa Pema was rescued from the needle at the last minute from an L.A. shelter by Randee Goldman..I met her at the Orange County Shelter and picked up the dog so I could foster her at my house in San Diego…She was blind from PRA…Retinal Atrophy…it happened quickly for her..She stayed 3 months I think, till she was adopted by Chris Geiser, who I met over the phone and who had lhasas for years. She had seen Tessa on the website and fell in love with her and drove to Ojai to get her. Chris was so dedicated to this dog, taught her how to use the dog door in one day after reading the Blind Dog Book and took wonderful care of her.

    This was my first impulse rescue…..I saw him on a Orange County shelter website and called them up. They said, ” Oh, you don’t want this dog…He has bad eyes and can’t walk well and is old. I said, “Yes, I do…I am coming to get him.” He was part shih-tzu and part Peke…He had an old injury and so hopped rather than walked..So hence the name Hoppy. He was neutered at 12? and had a cough but he recovered. He spent a year with me and then we let him go with love. (How else do you let an old dog go?) He went everywhere with me. never barked.( He could hear.)He was a very sweet boy and I loved him very much. Looks like a little Buddha dog, I think.

    This is my 16 yr. old shih-tzu who I also got from Randee…His people didn’t want him. He was a grouch. He still is a grouch, but that is because he is old and arthritic. But the vet said his heart is very strong for one as old as him. He reminded me of Hoppy. So I said yes. He was getting blind when I got him. His corneas were scarred from dry eye and then he had glaucoma in one eye which my opthamologist manages with meds. He still wanders around the house to find any spare crumb he can. He and Panchen did not get along at all. I guess I hoped they might…but you can’t always teach an old dog new tricks. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt (which has happened to me before once, out of ignorance, so I made sure I wouldn’t risk it again….) So that’s why Panchen went to Susan…One blind dog is one thing….Two is a bit more tricky, I think…especially when the dogs have similar personalities…His tongue sticks out of his mouth because he only has two teeth. talk about a lion hearted dog…..This is one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kathy says:

    In 1993, I searched Table Mountain Animal Shelter for a new pup after losing our treasured old dog to leukemia. Sitting with his nose pressed against the wire mesh gate, was a little golden fluff ball. He gently licked my hand through the fencing and I was hooked!

    We named him Sam. Free for the first time in our backyard, he ran like the wind, joyously going airborne with all 4 feet off the ground. Our vet felt Sam was mostly lhasa apso with a little cocker mixed in and he thought we should consider adopting another companion for Sam…(actually, I think the doctor knew we were soft touches and could empty TMS if encouraged to do so!)

    Sam introduced us to the world of lhasa apso. He mystified us with his climbing ability and charmed us with his open heart and sweet dignity. For weeks, things on my kitchen counter were being mysteriously rearranged…bags knocked over, canisters moved, S&P spilled, but nothing really damaged. And then I caught my intruder! Sam! With puppy sure footing, he blazed a trail from the back of the loveseat onto the desk and leaped onto the counter to explore new worlds! We moved the loveseat 🙂 and adopted a 5 week old cairn terrier mix from the Dumb Friends Animal Shelter to keep Sam company!

    The 2 dogs were inseparable…Sam’s hair was soft like cornsilk and Tinker’s was scrunchy/scratchy like a Brillo pad! Sam was the guardian of our home and Tinker’s heart. We shared their enchanting world for 9 1/2 years…now they chase each other in heaven, passing away within months of each other, from cancer….sometimes I find items on my kitchen counter curiously rearranged, but Pete, Tess and Sophie aren’t talking!

    A few years ago, we had a wildlife artist from Durango, Holly Merrifield, (http://hollymerrifield.com/index.html) paint Sam and Tinker’s portrait.

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