Will the real Susan..

..please step up. Several people have asked me about Susan. Susan in the Tibetan costume. Panchen’s Susan. Susan in California. Are they the same Susan? No, although California is a commonality.

Panchen’s Susan lives permanently in California with three – now four – Gompa dogs. Susan got her original Gompa Rinchen from Ceese. Then a second, Tsante aka Sammy. Somehow, like Panchen, Raji made her way to Susan’s house. Maybe Susan will comment on her introduction to the Gompa dogs and how one dog led to another.

The Susan in the Tibetan costume lived in California for years. In the past several years, she and Bud have been transitioning to Colorado, renovating a house here, preparing to sell a house there. Great people, fun people, we wish they’d hurry up!  Both Bud and Susan have bred and shown Lhasa Apsos for a number of years. Their story as a couple is heartwarming, compassionate, with a last gift of love and companionship. It’s the kind of story that restores my often cynical, jaded view on our species. With their permission, I will someday share that story with you. In the meantime, Susan wrote this piece, Like A Pebble On A Pond, about her grandaugher.

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