Loved your dream sharing!  And also the kitchen memories.  Did your “womenfolk” wear aprons?  Do you ever wear an apron?  Sorry my original message got cut, but I thought you could wear an apron while pouring the wine!  Have joined a small movement to bring back the apron, tying generations of women together!  I wore the hot chile apron (from the photo) on Thanksgiving–my sister in law made it for me.  Joe’s mom is pictured in the frame–she grew up on a large Utah ranch, was rodeo queen twice, became a horsewoman even managing the teams of work horses that plowed their fields.  In her own kitchen, she always wore a terry cloth apron.  I think she’s smiling at those colorful aprons!

Fun websites:  http://www.apronmemories.com/index.html




The above site gives you a peek at a wonderful special apron issue of this magazine.  Unfortunately, the magazine only publishes once or twice a year!  But it is well written, lush and homespun.  The editor has a couple of books out that are nicely done…there are back issues of the magazine available.  She sells her own cooking products throughout the publication…haven’t tried them.

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