Vickie posted this on the apsobreeders list. I’m breaking list etiquette by reposting without permission, but…somehow…I don’t think anyone will mind. For those who don’t know Vickie is West Central Rescue Coordinator for the American Lhasa Apso Club. The family below, assists ALAC’s rescue efforts by fostering Lhasa Apsos during the transition process from the dog’s former home to new home.

One of our own is in need of “rescue” …

Adrienne is a foster mom for us in the Atlanta area. She and her family has suffered a terrible tragedy right before Thanksgiving. Please read the article below and, if you can help in any way, it would be most appreciated …

ALAC Foster Volunteer Home Burns – Pets Perish in Fire

On Monday November 19, 2007, the home of Adrienne Herrell – an ALAC foster “mom” in the On Mond area, burned to the ground. Her four pets – a Lhasa Apso, a Cockatiel and two hamsters perished in the fire. Adrienne and her human family members were not at home at the time of the fire. However, after being notified of the fire by her alarm company, Adrienne rushed to the house to try to save her pets. She suffered burns in her attempt to rescue the pets.

The house was gutted by the fire – which was attributed to a faulty
refrigerator. She and her family not only lost their pets – all of which were adored and pampered by Adrienne – but all of their belongings as well. The house will have to be gutted and rebuilt, and the family will be in a transitional living situation for many, many months.

This is a terrible loss to have suffered, especially at this time of year.
A neighbor of Adrienne’s has established a fund at an A neigh area Wachovia branch to help the family with immediate expenses. Your contributions to the fund are greatly appreciated.

Please make your check out to: The Herrell Family Fire Fund and mail to:
Tracy Osborne 1915 Keswick Place Drive Lawrenceville, , <ST1>
Tracy (another ALAC volunteer) will ensure all funds are deposited to the Wachovia Fire Fund account. If you need to contact Tracy, you may email her at: Osborne777@bellsouth.net)

In addition to seeking donations to assist Adrienne and her family, ALAC rescue is prepared to assist Adrienne with adding a new Lhasa Apso to her family when they are ready to adopt.

Thank you for your generous assistance for a volunteer of ALAC Rescue.

Vickie, et al

One Comment on ““Rescue””

  1. Vickie says:

    Here’s the complete mailing address as the original post got garbled a bit …

    Herrell Family Fire Fund
    c/o Tracy Osborne
    1915 Keswick Place Drive
    Lawrenceville, GA 30043

    ALAC’s rescue community will be sending Christmas cards and donations to the Herrell family along with a small ornament … something to get them started on decorations. Adrienne is completely devastated by the loss of her Apso, Meeko. One can only imagine the depth of the family’s grief with the loss of beloved companions and their home.

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