Blue Man Group


Last night Rick, Nate and I saw the Blue Man Group perform. An experimental musical theatre troup, they bill themselves as a creative organization dedicated to creating exciting and innovative work in a wide variety of media. Founded in 1987 by a trio of friends, identical in their blue-painted skin, skullcaps and black clothing, the trio soon became a fixture of the New York underground performance art scene thanks to their regular appearances in Central Park, followed by shows at noted East Village spaces including Dixon Place, Performance Space 122 and the Wooster Group’s Performing Garage. Equal parts play, concert, and sketch routine, the Blue Man Group combines sight gags, physical stunts and audience participation. They don’t talk. They don’t sing. We saw the How To Be a Megastar Tour 2.0.  It was great fun, appropriate for all ages. If you’ve seen them on TV -pbs, I think – then you have an idea of what they’re about, from percussion to social commentary.

This is photo of drumming, accented by water from the drum top and lights.


 This show was backed by an eight piece rock band, including 3 drummer with different sets playing simultaneously. Maybe that’s usual or maybe it’s because the show spoofed rock bands. The Blue Men play….interesting instruments, like PVC pipes.


And this bizarre instrument..


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