Julie sent a note wondering where, on the website, she could see Josie doing agility. I realized I hadn’t yet integrated Josie individual page into the website! Sometimes, ‘working behind the scene’, I lose track of what the rest of you can see. I’ve just done the integration work. You can now reach her page with the above link. You can reach her Postcard by clicking on the image above, which will take you to the Gallery of Rising Stars.

A reminder on how the Galleries navigate… At the top of each main page is the same navigation bar and, of course, the Galleries link takes you to the main Gallery. From there, you can chose which Gallery you wish to enter. Within each Gallery is a Postcard containing two links. Click on the dog’s name to see the pedigree, which also contains an art photo. Click on the dog’s face to see that dog’s composite page.

My intention is to eventually hang a Postcard in the appropriate Gallery for every dog. As my Photoshop skills continue to develop, time efficiency improves, which really helps me bring to fruition design plans. The blog has also helped with time management, providing the ability to stay in contact with all of you. The icing on the cake is some of you are getting to know one another. Thanks everyone!

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