Proden PlaqueOff

proden_plaqueoff_animal.jpgVickie shared this…

Purchased a small bottle of this stuff on October 18th …

Started using it immediately on the dogs … 1/2 scoop (it’s a *very* small scoop) daily.

Frankers no longer has doggy breath and the tartar that all three had can now be easily scraped off with a fingernail.  Some teeth have cleaned themselves just with regular chewing of their kibble.

Paid $22 for a bottle that’s supposed to last one small dog a year so three dogs = $66 a year … less than half the price of one basic dental (no bloodwork or extractions). 

I’m sold!!  I’ll also be telling my vet about it next time we go in as she’s seen all of them at one time or another for their teeth.



ProDen PLAQUEOFF? is a natural product that counteracts plaque on the surface of the teeth. A few years ago Swedish dentist Sune Wikner had a patient whom he regularly treated for tartar. The patient moved, but kept Dr. Wikner as his dentist. On his first visit after he had moved, Dr. Wikner found that this patient had no tartar at all. Dr. Wikner, who has also pursued studies in diet and nutrition, concluded that there must be something the patient was eating that was preventing him from getting tartar on his teeth. Eventually, by process of elimination, he made the discovery that a particular seasoning in the salads that his patient was eating regularly must be that “something”. After many tests and trials, Dr. Wikner evolved the prescription for “the cure”, and thus was born ProDen PLAQUEOFF?. The effects have since been confirmed in several separate scientific studies.

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One Comment on “Proden PlaqueOff”

  1. Kathy says:

    I looked at the product and the PlaqueOff label gives a warning not to use if your dog has any thyroid problems…

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