Dee Blanco teleconference classes

Katy sent this…

Dee Blanco is one of the vets that I consulted with when we first got Zeke. 

I’m pretty sure I have already heard what she has to say in these two conferences via the hour-long consultation I had with her; I doubt her position has changed.  But I thought you or some of the Apso Aficionados might be interested…

From: Dee Blanco

Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2007 4:27 PM

Dear Clients,

I am hosting a couple of teleconference sessions and would like to invite you. The schedule is below:

Really Need to Eat for a Vital Life! No More Tainted Food!
Thursday, November 8th, 12:30pm MT

VACCINATIONS: Everything You Never Wanted to Know and
Now Are Afraid to Ask!

Tuesday, December 11th, 12:30pm MT

The cost for these classes is $65.00 each. Please let me know by email or by phone, if you would like to join us. Payment for the class is due before the class and can be paid for by MasterCard or VISA. After payment is arranged, you will receive an email confirming this plus the phone number and instructions to access the class. You will also receive handouts via email, fax or mail if requested.

In 2008, I will be hosting many more teleconference classes and will be sending out email notifications about these. These classes will include subjects like:

Detox for your animals
How to talk to your veterinarian
Geriatric care for the young at heart
Skin problems
The 5 to 7 supplements every animal needs.

These classes will be fun an rewarding for all of us! I hope you can join us!

All the best,
Dee Blanco

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