Photos from the National…


Vickie loves this photo of Josie and Melissa. And, so do I. Notice both Josie and the Foodog are in the same pose! I’ve spent the past several days compiling photos, sent to me by various people, from National Specialty week. In about a half hour, I’m out the door for a quick road trip to meet up with Julie in Lincoln, Nebraska, collect several dogs including Edie Bedie, dog talk and celebrate Fernando’s accomplishments. In the meantime, enjoy these photos.

4 Comments on “Photos from the National…”

  1. Finally,I get to comment on Melissa and her Josie. I first met Melissa at a Rally competition in MN, with her Suds and my Taz. Lhasas in other venues are rare. She and Josie have been our Lhasa comrads at several agility trials. Melissa does a great job, and her Josie is FAST, and I have seen improve so much the past year. I am jealous at her drive vs. Roman’s more layed back approach. We often follow each other with our runs. Melissa has been supportive even when Roman and I don’t do so well. We both laugh at the Lhasatude that often emerges, and why we love this breed. I have learned much from her, with her approach to agility and about the show venue with the breed. Our last event together, a gentleman with a different small breed was a little disturbed Josie “beat” his dog in time. His comment, huh, I didn’t think Lhasas knew how to run…Congrats to all at the Nationals. It is fun to see all the pictures. Mary R., Roman, Taz

  2. Vickie says:

    The agility trials at Nationals were well attended and everyone had a blast, spectators and participants alike. Josie decided after about the second jump that she’d rather go visit the spectators lolol. More photos of the agility trial can be seen here …

  3. Melissa says:

    Josie & I had a grand time at The National!! Thank you Julie & Vickie for letting me share the room. Yes, Josie decided to visit and provide the entertainment in the agility competition, well, you just gotta laugh. She made up for it by being absolutely on her game in Friday’s Open Class.

    Mary, Thanks so much for the wonderful comments. You and Roman are looking super!! It is so fun to have our Lhasa’s at the trials together & I am looking forward to more. Run Fast, Run Clean, Run Fun!!! ~Melissa

  4. Julie says:

    To be surprised by Melissa having Josie entered in agility was just one more wonderful thing to happen for me at this National. The first time I saw Josie I remember telling Melissa how intellegent Josie was and she was going to have to keep Josie occupied so she didn’t get bored with showing. Josie, like her half sister C’est la vie NEEDS to be the center of attention. Connor, both of their dads, is proving that lhasas can be people pleasing (on their terms, of course)He is consistenly throwing not only beautiful puppies, but puppies full of self confidence. I am so proud that Josie is setting the bar high for all his up and coming offspring. I only wish I had the time to dedicate to training some of my lhasas in agility or rally.
    Melissa and Mary you need to keep showing the public the versatility of the lhasa.

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