Vickie sent this:

Yup, I’m a thief.  I stole Kathy R’s ric-rac Apso and used it to create a quilt block.  One of the lists I’m on, a gal’s husband has pancreatic cancer and somebody had the idea of getting a group together to do quilt blocks and send to her to complete the quilt.  She’s been wanting to do a “dog quilt” this summer and didn’t get to with her husband’s illness.  Anyhoo, I volunteered to do a block.  Why, I have no idea since I’m not generally known for my crafty talents.  Only thing I can figure out is I must have had one too many cocktails the night I said “yes.”  Actually, I’m pretty certain I was drinking … otherwise I’d have never said yes!  In any event, it’s done …

One Comment on “Thief…”

  1. Kathy says:

    Vickie, your quilt block is terrific and will add comfort, warmth and blessings to your friend’s heart. Take a few moments to watch Dr. Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture on YouTube…He is LIVING with pancreatic cancer.

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