Panchen question..

Gail asked: Wondered what it was like for Panchen after he had his surgery and he couldn’t see at all, what was his mental status?

Panchen couldn’t see at all before his surgery, so the only change was in his spirit. He was back to his old self. The headaches must have been awful. The morning after his surgery, he’d already started his Panny Dance. It was only in retrospect I realized I hadn’t seen that for months. His surgery was done by a specialist. One of the reasons I went to Dr. Hammond rather than my own vet was to learn if he had any vision. Not sure what, if any, options I would have had if there was some vision. He was completely blind. One of the reasons glaucoma is diagnosed much earlier in people is the headaches. A dog can’t tell you about headaches; a person knows. The pressure that builds up in the eyeball creates the headaches. So, to answer your question, his mental status was much improved after surgery. He hadn’t been able to see for ??? a few weeks prior to surgery. The surgery relieved his pain. For that, he was happy!

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