Debby put on her red shoes..

Let’s Dance!

The genesis and evolution of this blog has been on my mind.

Some years ago I set up a page within the FleetFire Timbers website called What’s News. The page was designed to look like a newspaper. I’d add something now and then; adding content was a challenge because of the cumbersome design. It was my chiropractor, Jason Steinle (and great narrator of Ancient Treasure – The Remake), who introduced me to blogging and recommended WordPress. What’s News changed to a blog within the FFT website.

Around the same time Nate and Rick came home with an off-road vehicle, a Suzuki Samurai. After a photo shoot of the Trailer Queen, Nate went to Facebook and quickly shared the photos. Facebook wasn’t yet a household name. Show me that again! He did, but I didn’t really grasp the concept.

Time marched on. I began noticing ‘interactive’ websites, which I later learned ran with Web 2.0 technology. I joined Facebook with the intent of learning more and discovered my nieces, nephews and their children. Bonus! Listening to podcasts, particularly photography podcasts, I was introduced to Twitter before it, too, became a household word. With some of this newfound knowledge the website transitioned into a blogsite.

At first I wrote a lot on the blog, often waking up extra early with words pouring out of me. I took photos specifically for the blog. Somewhere along the way life and time created stumbling blocks. Or perhaps….writing blocks. In 2009 every extra minute was spent working on Ancient Treasure – The Remake, gearing up for the presentation at that year’s National Specialty. Was it then inspiration left me?? From my perspective – and I suspect from yours too – the blog became mundane.

No more! I am once again feeling inspired! I am ready to write about things from dogs to gas stations to photography to dogs to gardening to dogs to reading to dogs. And whatever else I feel like writing about. I won’t be writing every day, but I’ll write at least twice a week and include photos too. I am ready to make the blog better than ever, my own version of Artful Blogging.

David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” has been playing over and over again in my head this week. “Let’s dance put on your red shoes and dance the blues.” The blues. Ah, music that sings to my soul. Red is my favorite color. I had a dog named after this song. Champion Fleetfire Put On Your Red Shus. His call name was Bowie.

To kick off the blog’s renascence…

Tax Day

David Fitzsimmons has it right on!

The vote..

…passed by more than the required 2/3s. Over the last ten years two quotes of inspiration have been my companions.

The first by Ayn Rand, ““The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”

The second from a bookmark Samantha gave me years ago:

Grandeur Kennels: High-tech traditional!

Sitting here on a Sunday morning, as my scanner began its quest, I googled this article from 1987. Ah! What a great tool, the internet!

Forget scanning this! The entire article is online. There are two choices at the bottom of the page. Next in the series in the article itself. Ads, articles and interviews is even more fun.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Sign Sign everywhere a sign
Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind
Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign

Who remembers that song? Who remembers Five Man Electrical Band?

One of the arctic freeze days last week Mitch must have been bored. I got home from work and there were lots of fun signs waiting in my inbox. This one is funny…or not. It’s so true!

Mitch lives at the top of a mountain. I mean the top! There’s a 360-degree view. There’s no way but down, right Vickie? When you approach his house he has a bunch of signs…like ‘Forget the dog, beware of owner’. Here’s another for his collection…

Super Sunday Snow

On this snowy Sunday morning I’m playing! Yippee!! Kathy sent me a photo this morning with the subject line Super Sunday Snow and this fun photo…

During lunch Thursday I noticed those fun boots. If you look close, there’s turquoise southwestern accents on them. The yak trax make them even more colorful! When I scanned her subject line I thought it read Super Snow Sunday. That would have been a clever twist on Superbowl Sunday. I know what Julie’s husband is doing today! Go Cheeseheads!

Lights, camera, action!

I am stoked!

The past three + years I’d become one with my camera, a Canon PowerShot G5. The manual is dog-eared, very dog eared. I learned about depth-of-field. I learned about shutter speed. I bought a flash for it. I bought a camera bag. I had home-made gels. I audited several of Nate’s courses and got to spend time in the awesome photo lab at University of Colorado-Denver. I listened to photography podcasts and checked out recommended books from my library. I had reached a point where I could visualize an image and – every once in a while – make it happen. Then the LCD screen broke, the beginning of October during the beautiful country wedding of Nate’s childhood friend. In spite of Rick handing over his pocket point-and-shoot, I have felt very handicapped.

The experts told me my camera was ‘antique’ and I should do some consumer shopping. What?! I wanted My Camera! Besides, the camera of my dreams wasn’t in the budget. I ordered a new LCD screen, which Rick – bless his heart – attempted to install. It broke during that attempt. :::sigh:::  It had reached the old car point; does one spend more money to fix it or wait until one can afford a new one. I decided to wait until I could afford the camera I really want. A (used) Canon 40D. I’d work on composition in the meantime and be grateful Rick handed his camera over.

One day as I was cursing my knee and that little camera, attempting to snap the shutter, a light bulb went on. I remembered Julie saying something to me a couple of years ago. “I should have you teach me how to use my camera. I have one just like that and I cannot use it.” She had a small point-and-shot when we met in Seward. It was nothing like My Camera. Did she still have that camera like mine? Yes!

It arrived Friday. I feel like a kid that believes in Santa Claus on Christmas morning! I was grinning from ear to ear that night. It’s a little older model than My Camera. Some of the bells and whistles are in a slightly different place. Julie had complained about the photos being fuzzy. I poured myself an IPA and started to play. Soon it felt almost like My Camera. I started by checking the fuzzy photo problem. I waited for the camera to focus before pressing the shutter all the way down. No fuzzy photos. I set the camera on the tripod and attached the flash to the hot-shoe. It worked!

Rick! Take a picture of me for Julie!

Posing, I was taking photos of him as he took photos. At one point my flash went off just he snapped a photo…

I am so happy! Thanks Julie! You’re the best!