Puppies are here!

During the night Harper whelped six puppies. Four girls and two boys…


9 Comments on “Puppies are here!”

  1. Lisa Huttner says:


  2. Maribeth Anderson says:

    Congratulations to Harper!!! Iā€™m letting Payton know that she is officially a grandmother!!! Please keep the pictures coming.

  3. Pat Cieslak says:

    I believe I sent you an exentive letter concerning an interest in the puppy, I answered all the questions. Did you receive my letter.

    Pat Cieslak


    Denver, CO 802346

  4. lhasalhady says:

    Pat, I don’t recall receiving your letter, nor is it in my file folder. This litter is at Julie’s house, so please send the letter/questionnaire directly to her: TmbrLhasas@comcast.net We’ll be posting updates here on the blog over the next three months.

  5. Cathy Capes (wereinthedoghouse) says:

    Wonderful! Congratulations.

    Sent from Cathy’s phone


  6. Jenny Drastura says:

    I love the way the black one at the top is draped over the other one. Congratulations on the litter!

  7. Eileen Greco says:

    Congratulations!šŸŽˆ They are precious!

  8. Sue says:

    Like your puppy how can I talk to you

  9. lhasalhady says:

    Sue, click the Contact Us link near the upper right and you will find Julie’s contact information.

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