Thanks for Carson

Carson, a half-brother to Myth’s young puppies, is one of the Landin and Payton puppies. He lives in Michigan. He’s so cute!


With permission, I share what his owners have to say!

I just had to write a note to you after our first obedience class yesterday.  The class is taught by a vet who is also a breeder of Jack Russell terriers (35 years experience in vet med).  She spent a good part of the first class talking about the value (to the puppy, and the puppy’s family) of a quality experience with the breeder the puppy’s first weeks of life.  She described many physical, social, and genetic problems that ensue from careless breeding and indifferent or incorrect nurturing.  I sat there and thought to myself “we are more fortunate than we even knew.”  Our experience with Carson has been the absolute opposite of everything she described.  He  is such an absolute joy to us–outgoing but not aggressive, affectionate but not suffocating, alert and responsive, and always ready to please and try new things.  He is vigorous and very healthy.  We know we owe this to you.  He will have a lot to learn (so will we!) in class, but he is off to such a good start–the start you gave him.

We won’t overwhelm you with emails, but I will send pix when he gets more involved in class (my phone wasn’t taking such hot pix last nite).  He is growing and thriving and learning his manners where chewing is concerned.  It may take awhile for him NOT to get all the shoes out of the closet and drag them around the house.  He just loves shoes…

Never think you are forgotten as our dog becomes more tightly woven into our family.  We know we owe so much to you.

Elaine and Ken

This makes both Julie and I so happy!! 😉 We’re looking forward to following his growth and successes.

2 Comments on “Thanks for Carson”

  1. aimmeredith says:

    Hi Debbie, I am enjoying the e-mails from you and the new puppies. Roadie pickes up a tick around his. Eyes he would not let me get it. The dog manual said inseticide or alcohol. I did that I think is now dead but still there. He will be groomed near the end of the month so I will let it be until Debbie (groomer gets here and she can take it off Any suggestion for the future on how to remove ticks. If is was on his body I would have no problem, but the eye area I was a little leary.)


  2. lhasalhady says:

    Boy oh boy, I’ve never had to deal with a tick near the eye. We don’t see ticks very often in my area. They are here, but in far fewer numbers than other parts of the country. When I see one I use a hemostat as close the skin as possible and gently pull it out.

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