If The Shoe Fits,


wear it…

If the words are pouring out…write them.

Months and months ago, in Keep Writing Your Story,  I shared my thoughts, feelings and breeding plans. Most have not changed… well except for the breeding plans. Ella ended up bred to Danba, producing Zopa, Tanner and Landin.  Jena was bred to Rishi producing Payton and Indy. And that’s it. That’s all she wrote. Ha! I could stop there. That’s all she wrote. 

But that ain’t all I’m gonna write. Not today. Not in the future.

Stymied by an additional workday along with wondering what words would be valuable to readers, I stopped. I didn’t stop writing. I just stopped putting words here. That’s gonna change. Not sure what the change will look like, but I’m headed back down the writing path.

The Photo My Photo. That’s the name of my current photography project. Based on favorite photos by real photographers, I create an image inspired by the photos. And it usually has to do with dogs. This photo by Nancy Warner inspired the shot of my agility shoes sitting on a cloth given to  me by Madame Yolande de Zarobe.

Nancy Warner_18

So, Deb, Put On Your Red Shoes. Let’s Dance. Or write.

Photos I Love .11.1.2009-15

2 Comments on “If The Shoe Fits,”

  1. rosemarie hugel says:

    Debbie – We have missed you! Just happened across the page today to look at Lhasa pictures; I love them so, am excited for Chloe!!

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