Gone but not forgotten

It is with great sadness, but wonderful memories that I share with you that today was CH. TIMBERS’ MITOYA CONFIDENTIAL—CONNOR, last day with me.

At just 3 weeks shy of 15 years old, his body was in pain and could no longer hold him up.  Connor was a stand out early on as a puppy, his carriage, attitude and structure had him placing in the breed ring at a very young age.  He won breed and placed in group from the classes. Connor was a great ambassador for our breed, I remember having him at the state fair and he sat on his table, so proud and regal like the sentinel dog he was.  Allowing the 100’s of people passing by to pet him, and loving every minute of the attention.  In fact,  Connor’s biggest contribution to my breeding program was his temperament, passing on his outgoing attitude and fear of nothing.   He was a vibrant healthy dog until just the past few months.
Connor leaves behind a full legacy:

BISS CH. FFT C’est la vie
CH. Que Sais Je
CH. Sine Qua Non
CH. FFT It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere
CH. IndianHill’s Josie
CH.  Mi Tex Ups Lights Up Redd
CH.  Do You Know Jill
CH. Timbers’ For Your Eyes Only
CH. Timbers’ Confidentially Yours
CH. Timbers’ SheTsabo U Can Do Magic
CH. FFT Nordik Rose On Golden Pond
Nordik Rose FFT My Fair Lady
FFT Nordik Rose Shaken Not Stirred

and I’m sure I am missing someone.

Connor was out of BISS CH. Woodlyn’s Dust Buster and CH. Timbers’ Applause Applause.  He was born at a time when things for Debby and me were at a turning point in our breeding program and I owe a lot to Connor for keeping me in the world of lhasas.
Connor was a easy dog to live with and my kennel feels empty without his presence.

I did realize today that my 4 week old puppies are great great granddaughters of Connor.

Connor and Pryor (Connor has the dark mask)

Connor winning breed from the classes under breeder Judge Sherri Swanson

Connor’s last day

                                                                             CONNOR    October 27, 1997- October 3, 2012


6 Comments on “Gone but not forgotten”

  1. Sharonlee says:

    Sorry for your loss. I understand the pain you must feel and the empty nest that you now have. May you find comfort in the memories. Wishing you the best.

  2. Susan M says:

    Oh Debbie, I’m so sorry to read this. I know it is a hard time and every day that I don’t have to face it with Raji I am grateful. Perhaps it is too painful, but for some of us, the signs and signals that you read that helped you make the decision that this was the time to let him go would be very helpful. Dogs are so stoic and we are so attached that feeling their willingness and wantingness to move on can be….just too hard.

    If I might be so bold, sharing how you decide might be a gift you could share with us in Connor’s memory.


  3. Sandy says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. It just leaves a big hole in your heart, doesn’t it?

  4. Susan M says:

    In re-reading this thread, I am not altogether sure whether Connor was with Debbie or with Julie, but my sadness is for both of you and my comments are directed to you and whoever else has had to deal with these issues.


  5. Cindy B says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss!!! Connor was Kira’s daddy and she sends Lhasa kisses to you.

    Cindy Brown

  6. judy gregurich says:

    Julie, I am very sorry for the grief you are now feeling.

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