Q, QQ and cue it up!

Awesome day yesterday for the MN agility ladies, canine and otherwise! Experienced to beginners, awesome day ladies! The Twin Cities Lhasa Apso Club is holding its first agility trial this weekend. What an appropriate place for Melissa’s Josie to earn her MACH2 and Julie’s Lily to qualify – Q – first run of their career! Congrats BIG TIME ladies! Canine and otherwise!

I admit envy. 🙂 Edie and I were to make our agility debut this coming weekend. Not gonna happen. She’s in heat. 😦 Instead I’ll be helping at the trial wherever needed.

Q. QQ. That’s pronounced double Q. Josie ran her 40th QQ yesterday. MACH stands for Master Agility Champion. The title requires 20 QQs and 750 points. Points are determined by how many seconds under the standard course time the dog finishes. Josie has now accomplished this incredible feat twice, earning the title MACH2.

Q. QQ. Cue it up. This website will be undergoing a spring makeover starting today. A fresh look. Clean. Crisp. Easier to read. Easier to navigate. A skilled webmaster can probably do this behind the scenes, wave a wand and voila! Instead, you may see changes right before your very eyes as I cue it up.

Q. QQ. Cue it up!

2 Comments on “Q, QQ and cue it up!”

  1. Julie says:

    Change is always good, the new look is easy to read and navigate.
    Home from an exciting weekend and I’m exhausted. I’m so proud of Lily, she was strong for her first time out, errors made were definitely on my end. The club members active in putting on this event did a great job!!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, ladies! Congrats on the ribbons … and home with no injuries lol

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