Structure in Action

Melissa mentioned this:

Also, I had a chance to look at STRUCTURE IN ACTION – THE MAKINGS OF A DURABLE DOG, by Pat Hastings with Wendy E. Wallace, DVM cVA and Erin Rouse
HIGHLY recommended for anyone with any interest in structure.
Should have taken a look at it last weekend during the Rocky Mountain Cluster, since there’s about 100 vendors! Before investing in an interesting looking book I like to see the book. The library has been my best resource, but this isn’t available through my library system or their extended system. So, I’ve ordered it, trusting Melissa’s evaluation. My only misgiving is….well, I’ve seen her judge Lhasa Apsos and she put up a class dog over a number of specials. That wasn’t the problem for me. The problem was the dog has shoulders that severely restricted his front reach.

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