Motel 6

Got this in the mail and wanted to share. Motel 6 is a favorite of doggie people. When you pull into a Motel 6 late at night, it’s nice to know your dogs are welcome. It’s no fun cruising around, late at night, road tired, trying to find accommodations for both you and your dog/s!  I love that they’re now the official lodging provider to the American Kennel Club. There’s never a Pet Fee and now the 1 pet per room restriction has been lifted. This would often be lifted if there was a dog show in the area, but now it’s lifted always!

One Comment on “Motel 6”

  1. lhasalhady says:

    LOL! Kathy shared a link to a post of the ohmidog! blog that starts with:

    Here’s who I’m sleeping with:

    A fisherman.

    A snow skier.

    A bear and a dog (not counting Ace).

    Some eagles, a pink flamingo and a cactus.

    They are all there on the Motel 6 bedspread — every Motel 6 bedspread (except at those Motel 6′s that have been remodeled, in a motif somewhere between Santa Fe chic and Homeless Shelter stark.)

    You can read the entire post:

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