Nancy Warner

Julie’s probably tired of the artsy blog entries. 🙂 This past October Rick and I spent nearly a week in my hometown, Norfolk, NE. We were suppose to be on a train ride with my sister Lori and her husband Ron. Alas, alack, a broken nose changed that. Instead of heading west to ride the Durango-Silverton train, we headed east. Whenever we’re in Norfolk Rick and I make sure to visit the Norfolk Arts Center. The current exhibit has never failed to delight us. This time the photographs of Nancy Warner were featured. From her website, ” Nancy Warner is a fine-art and portrait photographer with a large, natural-light studio in downtown San Francisco. Her Going Back exhibit will appear in several eastern Nebraska venues through 2010.”

That was the exhibit we saw – Going Back: Midwestern Farm Places. The images were beautiful and haunting.

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