Notes from the heart

Ah! More treasures decluttering! On the back this series of note cards titled  Notes from the heart, ” Colorado artist Laura Mehmert has become know for her moving paintings and sculptures. She creates her cards, journals and prints from these original works of art.” This one it titled Lily.

I groomed Lily her entire life and fondly remember those freckles on the end of her muzzle. She was a sweet dog with a big heart.

What fun surprises I found exploring Shop on Laura’s website. More clients! All of these dogs have passed, but Carol and I had the good fortune to groom each of them for most of thier lives. Abner grew up with a little girl. Her father would drop him off and request ‘manly’ bows…said Abner was actually a pit bull in the witness protection program.

And Shu Shu. She represented the Shih Tzu in Animal Planet’s Breed All About It on the Lhasa Apso.

Shu Shu died several months ago. Thateus went to live with her owner and Cinsha.

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