Pony Loves Lattes

Heard from Susan:

On Friday I stopped at the feed store and bought a 50# sack of alfalfa pellets to spread around the base of the roses.  When I got home I popped in the house, made myself a latte, and then went back out to start scooping pellets.  I turned around to look at what I had done, and there was Pony greedily chomping down green alfalfa pellets.  I shooed her off ineffectually and went on with what I was doing, and a few minutes later turned around to see her washing down her pellets with the latte I had left sitting on a log…..microfoam all over her upper lip.    And again this morning I made a latte, went out to do my wander through the yard work, turned back and found my favorite second girl puppy lapping up MY latte.  Bad doggie !!! :-))))))   And after I picked it up she kept following me around in an uncharacteristic fashion that I now suspect was her way of waiting for me to put it back down where she could reach it….


Susan’s latte tastes good…

Susan’s latte tastes really good…

Maybe a little more…

Ooops, busted…

How can you tell I was…

6 Comments on “Pony Loves Lattes”

  1. Gail D. says:

    I LOVE that last pic of Pony………………..How is she doing???? What a cute girl….

  2. Susan says:

    Pony? She is just perfect and thank you for asking. She will be 10 in April.

  3. Susan says:

    Okay, I have a question about Pony. Maybe you can help. As you know, she is very timid. Although she has been her for two years, there are still ways that she behaves that baffle me. For example, the minute that I get up and head to the sink/stove/island that demarcates the kitchen portion of the main room, she pops out of whatever place she is sleeping in and heads into my room and on out the dog door. She goes around to the south side of the house and hunkers down alongside the foundation. Now, this isn’t a huge problem when it’s sunny and warm, but….she does it even if it’s raining.

    So, here’s my issue. I have (was this my first mistake?) put down some nice blankets in that spot so that she will not come back into the house all covered with dirt. Now, though, with all the rain, those blankets get pretty sopping wet, and she sometimes heads off somewhere else and sometimes comes in smelling pretty foul.

    So….I’ve been thinking of going and buying a small dog house to go in that spot, but….will that just make her think I want her to be out there? I don’t want to reinforce her idea that she is SUPPOSED to go out, but I do want to support her if she really really wants to be out there…

    What’s a good mom ‘sposed to do?????


  4. Gail D. says:

    I was waiting for Debbie to answer your question…..Maybe she answered you offline…..

  5. lhasalhady says:

    So, Susan did you buy a small dog house?

  6. Susan says:

    Nope. I realized that Pony really really loves that spot for it’s sunny-ness and that having a “house” there would just take that away from her. There is a roof overhang that keeps her dry when it’s just drizzling, and after that she drags her sopping wet self in anyway and submits to the indoor life…..

    I did add a few layers to the bedding, including an old sleep pad I used to use when I thought camping was worth the pain and suffering, so she really has a pretty cushy spot out there….except when it rains….


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