LACCC Raffle

Okay… Vickie has already sold $60 worth of tickets. Melissa called her a show-off. 🙂 I was going to write a snappy reply: No fair! We don’t have raffle tickets yet! Then I realized she probably doesn’t either. Here’s the deal. The Lhasa Apso Club of Central Colorado is holding this year’s Specialty in Albuquerque, NM in October. Same week as the National. Our club is allowed a fundraiser the day of our show. We’ll be selling raffle tickets this year for your choice of two items. The first one is purple grooming table by Tableworks.

…here’s the Very Berry Purple

The second item, from 14k_9, is a sterling silver large standing Lhasa Apso on large free-form heart with red garnet accent stone as a brooch or pendant with small bail. Valued at $230:

Winner will have their choice of breed study, stone, and made as a pendant or brooch.
It would be nice if everyone stopped by to visit Jim/Cindy with Tableworks and Jan with 14K-9 Jewelry at the Denver shows to thank them for their generous donation.

One Comment on “LACCC Raffle”

  1. I think the prizes we obtained are just awesome!! And we’re excited about this being a “double raffle” … two prizes, two chances to win.

    The Tableworks USA grooming table is height adjustable and has multi-use properties. Mine has been used as a potting bench in the spring; throw a towel over it and it makes a great bar in the motel or at the show site; at home it’s been used as an extra to the side board for serving during holiday dinners.

    The sterling silver piece is of exceptional quality with each piece being hand made by the artist in Colorado.

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