Vickie’s latest rescue is cute!

4 Comments on “Luna”

  1. Luna has a new name … “Pip.” Finally got the wicket out and, at 9.5″ at the shoulder, she’s a little pip-squeak. So, Pip it is!

  2. Susan M says:

    What’s her story?

  3. Good question! I was advised that she was in the Golden, CO animal shelter on a “rescue hold,” meaning only rescue could pick her up. Seems she had a *very* bad case of shelter stress and failed her evaluation as well as biting a couple of the shelter workers. Originally, I was told she came in as a stray; however, when I picked her up they said owner surrender but no information had been provided with the dog.

    After two groomings — she was literally soaked in urine when I picked her up — and a visit with the vet, if this dog was going to bite she had plenty of opportunity and provocation. Badly matted, she could have nailed me several times while I got her cleaned up. Not *once* did she attempt a bite. Just a really stressed out little dog in a large, busy shelter being handled by numeous people.

  4. Susan M says:

    She sure is pretty.
    Someone is going to adore her I’m sure….

    Susan (who is always tempted….)

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