If you still do snail mail…

Kathy sent this link. Just this past I received correspondence with one of these cool stamps. Public awareness of the need to adopt shelter pets has definitely increased in the past years. That awareness comes with a down-side from my perspective; pure-bred dogs have lost favor in the public’s eye. Somewhere along the way, the pure-bred dog fancy didn’t keep up. Owning a pure-bred dog is no longer as ‘hip’ as rescuing a dog. There is value in both!

From the above link:

On April 30, 2010, in North Hollywood, California, the Postal Service™ issued a 44–cent, Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet special stamp in ten designs, designed by Derry Noyes of Washington, DC.

With these 10 stamp designs, the U.S. Postal Service hopes to raise awareness of the need to adopt shelter pets.

The pets depicted on the stamps were photographed by Sally Andersen-Bruce near her home in New Milford, Connecticut. All had been homeless at one time; all but one had been adopted when they were photographed.

2 Comments on “If you still do snail mail…”

  1. With Kathy’s permission here’s something she sent privately:

    I think you are partially correct on it being more “hip” to rescue a shelter animal than purchase a purebred…but the flip side is the Economy! People don’t have the discretionary funds to buy a purebred even though in the long run, often genetically superior leading to a healthier animal with fewer major vet bills.

    I don’t know if breeders are willing to accommodate the public with “lay away” or making installment payments on an animal. I have only had a glimpse into the time, effort, dedication and money outlay that you incur producing a sweet healthy litter of gompa apsos…there is no way you can recoup your investment except for the sheer pleasure and satisfaction of keeping this breed from extinction and finding good homes for each of the pups.

    Do you feel the correlation between economy slump is making it more difficult for breeders and how are purebreds being “marketed” in today’s new reality?

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