With Joyce’s permission…

..I share this great blog entry brought to my attention by Kathy.

Yes, I Learned It in Kindergarten

by Joyce Johanson

At the shopping mall the other day, I happened to see a poster with Robert Fulghum’s* list of things he learned in kindergarten. For some reason, seeing that list again really “hit home.” Therefore, with apologies to Mr. Fulghum, I have to say that all I needed to know about breeding and exhibiting Lhasas I too “learned in kindergarten.” Fulghum’s kindergarten-garnered knowledge is appropriate to many situations in life, even to dog breeding/showing.

Read the entire article.

One Comment on “With Joyce’s permission…”

  1. judy gregurich says:

    Joyce’s lesson’s from kindergarten apply to how we should treat everyone. The last word’s our Mom said to us was “be happy”. Several months later Joyce posted a picture of Izzy and I knew she was smiling at me. We adopted our happy giirl and she brings silliness and happiness to everyone she visits. Last year we adopted Rumor
    FFT Tillarox Who Said That) from Julie and ‘the gilrs’ are joined at the hip. They do everything together including bringing laughter into out lives. “Be Happy”

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