Center Stage

Time – and ultrasound – will tell, but two Gompa litters have been bred! Yippee!!! For those interested, check out Center Stage. I spent much of the weekend adding photos and creating links for individual dogs within the anticipated litters. Each individual pedigree page starts with artwork of that dog, moves to that dog’s pedigree, followed by photos. And, on occasion, correspondence regarding that dog. Haven’t added all our words to Panchen’s page, but I used “Panchen on the Porch” by Katy Widger to start his page. I love this painting!!

One Comment on “Center Stage”

  1. Susan M says:

    Yippeeeeeee ! ! ! !
    Let’s hope these gurls take !!!!

    And maybe young Gompas will keep some of us from having to invest in Paros in our old(er) age


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