A tale of three combs

From Susan:

So here is a picture of the three combs that I have been using over the past little while.

The one on top came from one of the local chain pet stores, although I have no idea which one, and all it says on it is “Made in China”.  It is by far the best of the three, and probably cost all of $12.00 or so.

The one in the middle comes from Chris Christensen.  (#011 Buttercomb 6″ NTS STAGGERED TOOTH BUTTERCOMB) It cost an embarrassing amount of money, weighs a ton, and I have no idea yet whether it’s going to be worth it. http://www.chrissystems.com/combs.htm

The bottom one came from PetEdge.  It is advertised as having rotating pins, and that seems to be true.  But after using it maybe twice already one of the pins at the coarse end has gone all wall-eyed on me.  Basic junk.



I’d pitch two of the combs, possibly all three. My experience with rotating pins is dismal. The concept seems more a marketing strategy than good design. When I tried one years ago, the comb didn’t work any differently than my greyhound comb and – like Susan wrote – the pins bent almost immediately. The top comb appears to be a medium/fine combo. The pins are closer together on the right side of the comb. I prefer coarse/medium (which is demonstrated by the bottom comb).  I wouldn’t like the black ‘handle’ as my hand is comfortable using a traditional style greyhound comb.

From Cherrybrook:  You can pay more but you can’t buy better! This greyhound-style comb features rounded teeth, which glide through the coat, reducing drag and avoiding breaking the hair. Hand polished with a square back. 1-16 in. teeth are 1 1-8 in. long and spaced 12 per inch on one half and 7 per inch on the other.

The cost is mid-range – $16.99. I would spend the extra money rather than buying a similar comb for less. My combs last forever with…well, extreme use!

Looking at the product info on the staggered tooth comb, it’s purpose appears to be detangling. Susan I’m betting you’ll accomplish the same thing with the Mars Coat King, (8-blade coarse!!) followed by a quick slicker brush through, topped with a greyhound comb through. Let us know!

6 Comments on “A tale of three combs”

  1. SusanM says:

    Oh boy, that Cherrybrook comb looks perfect. Thanks so much for straightening me out. I will probably end up trying to sell the heavy duty Christensen one on eBay eventually. It’s just too much comb….

    About the Mars Coat King? 8 Coarse or 6 Coarse? (I’ve been using the 6 Coarse with good results, but……)

    Off to Ashland, Oregon for a few days of doglessness, wine tasting, shopping and general girl hanging-out time.


  2. SusanM says:

    Before I place an order for that Greyhound Comb, I have two other questions:

    What do you recommend as a Face Comb? and

    Does anyone sell a Slicker Brush that has the slicker action perpendicular to the handle rather than horizontal? It would be helpful to be able to slicker in a downward motion rather than just from tip to toe (without the physical gyrations that the latter involves with the usual slicers….)

    Okay, off I go….

  3. >>> I will probably end up trying to sell the heavy duty Christensen one on eBay eventually. It’s just too much comb….

    I have something similar, but from AllSystems and not a staggared tooth. Just a wide- long-toothed comb. Worked great for initially detangling Dante’s thick coat and then moving on to other tools. Truth be known, it is advertized as a detangling comb for poodles.

  4. I love the black teflon, I think by Classic, combs-either coarse/med. or med./fine………I prefer the med. fine , tines are round, VERY SHARP, Petedge has them under “classic teflon” or Pet supplies delivered (Old name Omaha Vaccine); Second vendor has the med. fine version. I have found them at shows also. I have cats also, great for pulling out coat, can dematt going vertical to the matt. Watch your fingers, tines hurt if you get stabbed. I might have to look at the Cherrybrook one……..never have enough combs, every bag, every room.

  5. SusanM says:

    Update: I got that Greyhound Comb from Cherrybrook, and it is perfect. I liked it so much that I did some research and found that the very same company that makes it (Groomaster) makes a perfect tiny face version of the same comb. I ordered one from UPCO and now I have two absolutely perfect combs

    Here’s a link to the UPCO Groomaster Face Comb


  6. Susan M says:

    Update: If I had only ONE grooming tool (besides the stand dryer that is), it would be the Greyhound Comb from Cherrybrook.

    Although I have gone back to keeping the doggies hair pretty short and am having them groomed every 8 weeks, I still bathe and comb them and this one tool will do it all….bodies, faces, feet, between the pads….etc.

    I’m off to Hawaii tomorrow….just throwing in a few cents before I take off….

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