Susan’s chickens

As requested, chicken photos from Susan…

Susan, the latest issue of Organic Gardening magazine, featured chickens on the cover.

Mentioned in the article were ‘easter egg’ chickens. The eggs in your hand look like easter eggs. Pretty!

Does you coop look like this?

One Comment on “Susan’s chickens”

  1. SusanM says:

    The chicks in the picture were actually from last year, and may well be from a batch of Black and Blue Ameraucana eggs that I ordered, had shipped, and hatched out in an incubator here.

    Ameraucanas come in several colors: white, black, blue, buff, red-brown, etc. But if your pure Black Ameraucana mates with your pure Red-Brown Ameraucana, the offspring will not be considered Ameraucanas….sheesh. Those chickens, even though they have Ameraucana moms and pops, are called Easter Eggers…..And, I have some of both, so I don’t know if that lovely blue-green egg came from an Ameraucana or an Easter Egger….. Okay, okay, most people couldn’t care less, and sometimes I wish I didn’t know that stuff I just typed in, because it seems to aggravate people, but….it is wot it is.

    And, no, my chicken coop does not look quite so well decorated as that one. It’s big and it’s airy, and it never smells because we keep 6″ of pine shavings on the floor all the time, but….there’s no wallpaper….:-)))))

    I do wish you were all here. I’ve got about 6 dozen eggs sitting in the fridge, not even counting the ones we are setting aside to put under broody hens for hatching purposes….

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