New Finding…

Faye sent this interesting article…

New Finding Puts Origins of Dogs in Middle East.

A few years ago the Gompa dogs participated in a similar study done by Peter Savolainen of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He makes some interesting observations regarding the above, if you read further into the article.

As I was reading this article, I recalled – vaguely (which is usual these days) – a similar mitochondrial DNA study done with humans. Those researchers made a great case for the origin of three ‘ Eves’. Africa. Middle East. Himalayas. It makes sense to me that domesticated dog would follow a similar path…scoundrels and users of mankind that they are! 🙂

Melissa took this photo of Nagpo. It’s one of my favorites. It captures her ‘ancientness’.

One Comment on “New Finding…”

  1. Susan M says:

    Oh, I just love Nagpo’s curly locks.
    And this discussion reminds me of one I was having recently with a friend regarding the Gompa’s heritage.
    I was postulating that the Tibetan dogs probably didn’t got combed and brushed and detangled, and ….my friend suggested just the opposite. She suggested that because they were raised as temple dogs, they might well have been totally coddled with attendants for each dog, etc. Hmmmm….anyone know?

    Along the same lines it occurred to me that if they were components of the Buddhist monastic life, they probably didn’t get a lot of meat in their diets. Hmmmmm????? Maybe grains really were a staple in their diets. Now that would blow our current nutritional ideas right out of the water, but…..Anyone know?

    I’m very curious

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